Scoil Mhuire Room 9

Scoil Mhuire Room 9

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Useful websites to use at home

Here are some websites based on the letters and sounds.

The Jolly Phonics songs that help teach letter recognition and the sound the letters make.

This video has all the sounds spoken clearly twice and then used in a word.

This link shows the correct letter formation we use in school.


h,i,l, m and n have kicks at the end.

f - we write f like this.

Start just under the top line, go back over the hump, straight down under the line a little bit, kick it back and cross it near the top.

k - we write k like this.

Start at the top, go straight down to the line, back up to the middle, give him a belly, a leg and a kick.

Good websites for phonics games:

Here are some websites based on the sight words the children learned in junior and senior infants.

Your child would have learned the pre-primer list in Junior Infants and the Primer list on Senior Infants. They will be learning the Grade 1 list this year in first class.
Gives a good understanding of Dolch words and has some activities and printables for practicing the Dolch words.
Games to practice Dolch words learned in Junior Infants
Games to practice Dolch words learned in Senior Infants

Games to practice Dolch words to be learned in first class.
Do not move onto these until pre-primer and primer lists are mastered.

Here are some websites with maths games.
A selection of maths games based around the first class curriculum.
A selection of maths games.
More maths games.

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